carla bradley photo
Carla Bradley, PhD
mack bowers
Mack Bowers, PhD
Associate Director for Training
andy smith
Andy Smith, PsyD
Associate Director for Clinical Services & Group Program Coordinator
irene dalton
Irene Dalton, PhD
Assistant Director of Satellite Clinical Services
janice harewood
Janice Harewood, PhD
Assistant Director for Outreach and Wellness
drew adelman photo
Drew Adelman, PhD
Practicum Program Supervisor and Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator
Irene Daboin photo
Irene Daboin, PhD
Peer Coaching Program Coordinator
tyler finklea photo
Tyler Finklea, PhD
Biofeedback Services Coordinator
peter hauge photo
Peter Hauge, PsyD
Graduate Student Services Coordinator
laronda hollis
LaRonda Hollis, MA, LPC
Clinical Case Manager
shervonda horn
Shervonda Horn
Administrative Professional
christina owens
Christina Owens
Recovery Program Coordinator
Thad photo
Thad Reece, PsyD
Coordinator of Social Media and Technology
Julia Rizzo photo
Julia Rizzo, PsyD
Suicide Prevention and Crisis Response Coordinator
stephen fogelman photo
Stephen Fogelman, MA, Med
Doctoral Intern
megan faye photo
Megan Faye, MA, MS
Doctoral Intern
adrian photo
Adrian Kunemund, MS
Doctoral Intern
melani landerfelt-ozbolt photo
Melani Landerfelt-Ozbolt, MA
Doctoral Intern
florin headshot
Florin Selagea
Staff Therapist