KORU Mindfulness Program

Mindfulness is a way to help bring oneself into the present moment in an open, judgment-free way. Practicing mindfulness helps us greet the stress, anxiety, and pain in our lives with balance and clarity and ultimately live life more effectively.  The benefits of mindfulness include improved mood, reduced stress and worry, greater self-compassion, and improved focus and concentration, among others.  However, it takes practice, learning, and dedicated skill-building to cultivate mindfulness and reap these benefits.  Koru Mindfulness is a course designed to help do just that.

Koru is an empirically supported 4-week course that builds mindfulness skills through meditation practice.  Each week consists of one 75-minute session taught by a Counseling Center clinician who has been trained and certified by the Center for Koru Mindfulness as a Koru Teacher.  During these sessions, students practice 2-3 new meditation skills and discuss and process their meditation experiences with other students and the teacher, which fosters growth and learning.  Between sessions, students use the Koru phone app to practice meditation for 10 minutes each day.  The app also allows students to submit reflections on their meditation practice to their Koru teacher, who can respond with ongoing feedback throughout the week.  Additionally, each week's homework includes a short reading from the assigned text.