Supervision and Training

Supervision is provided by licensed psychologists, counselors, and marriage and family therapists.

Two hours of individual supervision are provided for doctoral interns while practicum students receive one hour per week. Doctoral interns also receive two hours of group supervision in psychological assessment per week, and one hour of group supervision of their clinical work. Interns who co-facilitate a group meet with their group co-facilitator for supervision as well. In the spring semester, interns are given the opportunity to supervise practicum students, and receive one and a half hours of supervision-of-supervision.

Throughout the training year, there is a weekly seminar that covers such topics as anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorders, career counseling, multicultural counseling, and others. Members of the senior staff and invited speakers offer these seminars. There is also a weekly case conference where staff members and trainees are invited to present challenging or interesting cases. Opportunities for outreach in the Georgia Tech community are also available.