Scope of Clinical Services

The Georgia Tech Counseling Center is the primary campus provider of psychological and consultation services.  The Counseling Center offers free and confidential counseling sessions to enrolled, degree-seeking Georgia Tech undergraduate and graduate students.

If a GT CARE assessor recommends counseling services, the most effective mode of counseling will be identified.  Options may include group counseling, workshops, individual counseling, career exploration, or referral to an off-campus mental health provider for longer term or for a higher level of care.  In some cases, CARE assessment is sufficient for identifying ways to address the problems and no referral appointments are necessary.

Short-Term Individual Counseling Model

The Georgia Tech Counseling Center, staffed by licensed psychologists and counselors, utilizes a short-term model for individual counseling.  Short-term counseling addresses concerns over a few sessions in a solution-focused manner. Typical counseling goals may include facilitating adjustment to college or graduate school, reducing emotional distress, or fostering greater resilience to help students in the pursuit of their personal, academic, and career goals.  Our counselors work in a brief model to facilitate adjustment, healthy functioning, and symptom relief as quickly as possible. Clients who present with persistent and chronic psychological concerns and require continuous long-term treatment, are best served by community providers who can offer uninterrupted treatment and care.

Since therapy issues vary from person to person, the length of treatment is based on goals set by the therapist and client.  The Counseling Center provides short-term counseling and most Center clients achieve their therapeutic goals and end counseling in five to six sessions.

If you are interested in determining if individual counseling could help you, please walk-in to GT CARE between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.  GT CARE is a separate department from the Counseling Center and is located in suite 102B in the Smithgall (Flag) building.

Severe or Chronic Mental Health Issues

Clients experiencing severe or chronic mental health problems may experience emotional discomfort.  In these cases, the Counseling Center therapist will work to stabilize and improve coping while determining whether more intensive treatment is indicated.  When long-term treatment or specialized services are necessary, the therapist will recommend a referral to community resources.

Students in need of psychiatric services, such as evaluation, prescribing, and monitoring of psychiatric medication, may be referred by GT CARE as part of the CARE assessment, or in some cases the Counseling Center may also refer established clients to the Psychiatry Clinic at Stamps Health Services.

Eligibility Statment

All students currently registered in a degree-seeking program are eligible for services at the Counseling Center.  A student must be registered in the current semester to utilize our services.  If a student is on co-op or internship and not registered for classes, then they would not be eligible during that semester.  In this instance we would be happy to provide appropriate referrals for services.  See our Referral Services page for more information.