Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The vision of the Georgia Tech Counseling Center is to enhance the academic and personal experiences of all Georgia Tech students to help prepare them for success in a global, technological world.

Our Mission

The mission of the Georgia Tech Counseling Center is to enhance the academic and personal experience and success of all students by providing a variety of counseling and psychological services to students and the greater campus community. The Counseling Center accomplishes its mission by offering services that facilitate students’ personal development, assist in the alleviation, remediation, and prevention of distress, as well as services that educate students in ways that develop self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-confidence. These services are offered with respect for others, appreciation of individual differences, and compassion.

To accomplish this mission, the Counseling Center provides services and programs that:

  • Enhance students’ self-awareness, interpersonal skills and personal development through individual, couples and group counseling, psychotherapy and educational workshops;
  • Increase students’ self-knowledge and sensitivity to others through groups and workshops designed to foster an appreciation for differences;
  • Enhance student academic skills and learning strategies through academic counseling and learning skills workshops;
  • Support students’ career exploration; decision-making and professional growth by providing career counseling, assessment and workshops;
  • Emphasize programming needs assessment and support to underserved populations in the Georgia Tech campus community;
  • Provide crisis response and consultation to students, parents, faculty, student organizations and administrators within the Georgia Tech community;
  • Facilitate therapists’ psychotherapeutic interventions through psychological testing and assessment;
  • Advocate and support mental health in the Georgia Tech community through consultation, presentations and psychological workshops;
  • Support the continued education and wellness of the Counseling Center staff through ongoing personal and professional development.


Eligibility Statment

All students currently registered in a degree-seeking program are eligible for services at the Counseling Center.  A student must be registered in the current semester to utilize our services.  If a student is on co-op or internship and not registered for classes, then they would not be eligible during that semester.  In this instance we would be happy to provide appropriate referrals for services.  See our Referral Services page for more information.