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The Georgia Tech Counseling Center maintains this internet site as a service to the Institute community. It is intended as a resource to inform clients and to educate students on issues related to mental health and wellness. Included are direct links to other internet sites that may be helpful. However, this does not imply that the Georgia Tech Counseling Center endorses all of the information provided at each of these sites. Moreover, while we try to monitor and update our listings regularly we cannot guarantee the reliability of the internet addresses provided or the information contained on these sites.

You are encouraged to be an informed consumer and evaluate the materials. Information provided on our web page and at other internet sites is not intended to be a substitute for help from a qualified mental health professional. Georgia Tech students should visit the Counseling Center to be seen by a mental health professional for help as needed. By clicking on the links below, you are indicating your acceptance of these terms.


Introduction to Mindful Awareness  (1:16 minutes)

Mindfulness is in Our Mind  (14 minutes)

10 Minutes of Mindfulness  (10 minutes)

Guided Meditation – Deep Relaxation and Sleep  (30 minutes)

Guided Sleep Meditation  (29 minutes)

Meditation for Stress Relief and Anxiety  (25 minutes)

Guided Meditation for Panic and Anxiety Attacks  (7 minutes)

Guided Meditation for Acute Stress, Anxiety and Panic  (20 minutes)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Anxiety and Stress  (20 minutes)

Guided Imagery for Anxiety and Depression (41 minutes)

Guided Meditation and Progressive Muscle Relaxation  (30 minutes)

Guided Relaxation and Progressive Muscle Relaxation  (11 minutes)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation  (10 minutes)

Body Scan Meditation (10 minutes)

Body Scan Meditation (20 minutes)