Mandated Referrals

If you are required by the GT Office of Student Integrity (OSI) or Department of Housing to complete an alcohol and other drug (AOD) assessment, here are the steps to complete the process:

  1. Contact Dr. Arica Austin via email at during business hours Monday through Friday for instruction on how to complete new client paperwork. You will need to pay the $250 fee online at:  Plan to spend about 30 minutes completing the initial forms. Once your paperwork is processed Ms. Owens will contact you to schedule your first appointment.
  2. Attend the following three appointments: The Alcohol and Other Drug Evaluation, AOD Testing, and Feedback sessions. These sessions are intended to be collaborative and nonjudgmental. With your counselor’s guidance, you will be given space to reflect on your decision-making, identify risk factors for substance use disorders, and examine possible academic, social, or clinical issues that may be affecting your quality of life. By the end of the evaluation, you should be able to identify protective behavioral strategies to reduce the risk of substance misuse-related harm.
  3. As you complete the assessment, your counselor may provide additional recommendations to support your well-being. These recommendations could include consulting self-help materials, accessing educational resources online or on-campus, or connecting with off-campus therapists, groups, or treatment facilities, depending on your needs. With your written permission, we will provide your referral source (OSI or Housing) with documentation confirming your attendance at these appointments, as well as noting any recommendations that may result from the assessment.

*Please note that we do not conduct assessments required by the court or any other outside agency.