Message from the Director:

The Georgia Tech Counseling Center educates students for life by assisting them in their personal and academic success. Through our scope of individual psychological services, professional education, and campus programs, the Counseling Center provides quality services and innovative programming that empower students to reach academic and personal success.

Over the years, the Counseling Center has experienced significant growth in the number of students seeking personal counseling. Growing numbers of new students come to the Center each year for personal counseling and therapy. As this demand for counseling services grows, the resources of the Counseling Center are continually challenged to keep pace with this steadily increasing need.

Through your generous and thoughtful donations, the Georgia Tech Counseling Center can continue to provide the services needed by Tech students to manage and cope with their academic and personal challenges. Your donations will allow for the support of program efforts, staff development, and a variety of other needs to allow the Center to continue its mission of service to students.

The Counseling Center is dedicated to serving Georgia Tech students and the campus community with its broad scope of programs and services that enhance students’ lives and provide students with opportunities for success. With your donation, you can be a part of the Center’s mission of service and support, empowering Tech students for academic and personal success, and educating them for life.

Thank you,
Mack S. Bowers, PhD
Interim Director, Georgia Tech Counseling Center

To make a gift to the Georgia Tech Counseling Center, make your check payable to the Georgia Tech foundation and designate your gift to the Counseling Center (fund code 331171). Or visit our online donations page and designate your gift to either the Counseling Center General Fund (551171) or the following funds:

Tech Ends Suicide Together Fund - 55C121
Collegiate Recovery Program Fund - 55C07

To speak with a development officer for other gifts, please contact Emily Takieddine at