Diversity and Inclusion

Celebrating Diversity

The Georgia Tech Counseling Center is dedicated to providing culturally-sensitive services to the Georgia Tech community and developing the multicultural competence of our staff.  Georgia Tech is a culturally diverse community of diverse experiences specific to various social identities including race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, religious affiliation, nationality, and ability status. We endeavor to provide inclusive services and programs and advocate for all our students while providing a safe space to be accepted. Staff members in the Counseling Center have expertise in providing therapy and consultation, campus outreach, training, and assessment that celebrates all aspects of human diversity.


To create an inclusive and dynamic space of awareness, respect and appreciation for all forms of diversity wherein all share the responsibility of fostering and nurturing cultural competence in the service of promoting excellence and leadership of global citizens.


The Georgia Tech Counseling Center (GTCC) has the primary mission to provide the highest quality of multiculturally competent counseling and psychological care to meet the educational, developmental, and social needs of Georgia Tech as an institution.

Our diverse services include online resources, community outreach, assessment, prevention, education, and therapeutic interventions. The services are offered with compassion, respect for others and appreciation of individual differences.

Our training program affords experiences in providing direct services within a counseling center setting among a culturally diverse campus population. We seek trainees from diverse backgrounds who value and model diversity, sensitivity and inclusivity.

GTCC recognizes that intersecting identities, internalized oppression and socio-political and historical factors adversely impact certain populations. Therefore, we are committed to the development of a culturally diverse and competent staff who aim to respect and empower diverse individuals and groups. Furthermore, we take great pride in our efforts to promote social justice, provide corrective emotional experiences and decrease stigma.

Striving for true diversity and inclusivity is our ultimate goal. With our world and students continually changing, our diversity mission and our center will continue to be progressive and open to change.


Excellence: We believe in providing the highest quality services that facilitate students’ and trainees’ health and development, based on empirically-supported principles and a commitment to continual professional and organizational improvement.

Respect: We believe that every person should be accorded fundamental respect and deserves services that are congruent with their worldview. Our staff is committed to developing the knowledge, awareness, and skills necessary to fulfill this value. We provide services that honor diversity and are inclusive and welcoming of everyone.

Justice: We believe in promoting social justice in our community by advocating for fairness and institutional responsiveness. We seek to change conditions that negatively impact equal access to services, resources and benefits.

Integrity: We believe cultural competence is achieved through individual and collective accountability and responsibility as guided by ethical standards, professional development and self-assessment.

Diversity-Related Resources 

Dealing with trauma related to social identity

Tips for Recovering from a Traumatic Event

Helpguide.org’s guide for dealing with the stress that results from a traumatic incident.

Building Resilience to Manage Indirect Exposure to Terror

The American Psychological Association’s guide for developing resilience in the face of terror and trauma.


Taking Action Against Racism
Resources and activities for acting through the media or in higher education

Intergroup Resources
Activities and readings pertaining to the multiple dimensions of racism

RACE – The Power of an Illusion
PBS’s online resource to the popular video series that details the history of race in America


The Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture (ISPRC) article for dealing with racial trauma.

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Understanding Sexual Orientation and Gender
The American Psychological Association's definitions of terms related to gender and sexual orientation

The Trevor Project
A safe space for LGBTQ individuals in times of crisis.


The Spiritual Life of College Students
A national report on the religious and spiritual patterns among college students

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University
A compilation of resources related to evolving religious diversity in America

Support for Muslim College Students
A guidebook providing resources for sources of support both on and off campus

Social Class

Raising Awareness of Class Privilege Among Students
A brief primer from the American Association of Colleges and Universities on the complexity of discussing social class