Couples Counseling

The Georgia Tech Counseling Center (GTCC) stands in solidarity with Asian-American communities to condemn anti-Asian racism in all forms, particularly the recent rise of anti-Asian hate and hateful rhetoric in the metro Atlanta area and throughout the country. We express condolences to those affected by hate, intimidation, threats, and violence and condemn such acts. The Counseling Center continues to offer support, and we encourage students to reach out to GTCC for additional support and resources.

We offer couples counseling to students on a short-term basis to help address a variety of issues, including communications skills, conflict resolution/problem solving, and other issues that may arise within a relationship. Our ability to provide couples counseling will depend on the availability of openings and the appropriateness of the couple for the services that we have available.  A couple is eligible if at least one of the members is a currently enrolled Georgia Tech student. The session limit for Couples Counseling is the same as for Individual Counseling, 16 sessions.

To discuss the possibility of Couples Counseling, please schedule an Initial Consultation.  Both members of the couple must complete paperwork and both members of the couple must attend the Initial Consultation appointment together.