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GTCC Statement on Racial Injustice, Political Change, and the Global Pandemic

The Counseling Center extends our empathy and support to all that are affected by recent distressing events. Threatening and violent acts, the contentious political environment, racial injustice, and the unremitting stresses of a global pandemic are deeply disturbing. We all share in the responsibility to speak out against hatred and racism and to speak for justice. Moreover, we understand the impact of social disconnection, and increased morbidity and mortality caused by the global pandemic. The Counseling Center recognizes that both the singular and cumulative effect on our students, especially BIPOC populations, can be directly and indirectly emotionally impactful and possibly traumatizing. The Counseling Center continues to stand with our students against racial injustice and foster a space of hope and healing as we work through these issues together.

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We also encourage you to connect with your campus community and student cultural organizations for support: Organizations - Georgia Institute of Technology (campuslabs.com)

The Georgia Tech Counseling Center (GTCC) stands in solidarity with Asian-American communities to condemn anti-Asian racism in all forms, particularly the recent rise of anti-Asian hate and hateful rhetoric in the metro Atlanta area and throughout the country. We express condolences to those affected by hate, intimidation, threats, and violence and condemn such acts. The Counseling Center continues to offer support, and we encourage students to reach out to GTCC for additional support and resources.

Peer Coaching

The Peer Coaching Program (PCP) was developed by the Counseling Center to offer an innovative way for Tech students to access a unique type of support to facilitate academic and personal success.

Collegiate Recovery

The Georgia Tech Collegiate Recovery Program provides support and a safe environment to help students achieve growth and success in their recovery and academic journey.

Let's Talk

A program that provides easy access to informal confidential consultations with Georgia Tech counselors where counselors hold walk-in hours at various sites across campus throughout the week.

Satellite Counseling

Satellite locations improve accessibility for students by providing counseling in places where students spend most of their time. Placing a counselor in an academic department helps to destigmatize mental health and may serve those who might hesitate to go to our central location for counseling.