Collegiate Recovery Program

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About Us


The Georgia Tech Collegiate Recovery Program provides support and a safe environment to help students achieve growth and success in their recovery and academic journey.


❇ Wellness Through Sober and Healthy Living ❇

❇ Academic Excellence ❇

❇ Leadership and Civic Engagement ❇

❇ Connection Through Meaningful Relationships ❇




 Opportunities to connect with other students in recovery 

 Opportunities to be of service 

 Opportunities to raise awareness of recovery issues on campus 

❇ Students participate in seminars designed to strengthen and support their recovery 

 Students enjoy social activities with other program members 

 Program members are eligible to win a Service Award! 

 All students involved in Georgia Tech’s Collegiate Recovery Program are sustaining satisfactory academic progress toward their respective degree programs 

 Students who are actively involved in the Georgia Tech Collegiate Recovery program have expressed appreciation for the opportunity to build community, develop meaningful relationships and hold themselves and one another accountable for their in recovery 



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Part One: Admission to Georgia Institute of Technology

In order to apply to admission to the Collegiate Recovery Program, students must already be enrolled in the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The Collegiate Recovery Program cannot grant special status to students who do not meet minimum academic undergraduate or graduate requirements for Georgia Tech.

Please see the Georgia Tech Admissions website for Georgia Tech Admissions specific questions ( or ( There is a different process for freshman, transfer, international, non-degree, dual enrollment, and graduate enrollment and the websites address each.


Part Two: Admission to the Collegiate Recovery Program

Prospective students are encouraged to let staff of the Collegiate Recovery Program know that they will be enrolled at Georgia Tech with the intent of applying to the program.

Before applying to the Collegiate Recovery Program make sure the minimum requirements are met:

→ Admission into Georgia Tech
→ At least 90 days of continuous, long term recovery from a substance use disorder*

*If less than 90 days but committed to recovery, can be admitted on a conditional basis

To apply to the Collegiate Recovery Program fill out the application and schedule a time to meet with Dr. Erin English (


Program Requirements


  • Weekly Recovery Seminar
  • Active Participation in 12-step or other recovery group
  • Commitment to Service
  • Commitment to Academic Success


Seminar and Meetings


Weekly Recovery Seminar

Fall 2015: Friday at 1 pm
Counseling Center
Smithgall Student Services Building, Suite 238 

On Campus AA Meeting

Thursday at 7pm
The Wesley Foundation at Georgia Tech
189 4th Street NW Atlanta GA, 30313

On Campus OA Meeting

Thursday at 12 pm
Stamps Health Services Building, Room 205
740 Ferst Dr, NW Atlanta, GA 30332




The Georgia Tech Collegiate Recovery Program Has Exciting Plans for the Spring Semester!


 Weekly Recovery Seminar meetings 

 Service Projects 

 Ropes Challenge Course 

 ARHE Conference  

 Access to a safe and supportive space on campus every weekday evening 



Student Testimonials


"The Georgia Tech Campus Recovery Program has helped me feel that the Georgia Tech campus is truly my home. Every time I meet at the CRP the stress from my day melts away and I am surrounded by friends and staff who have become my closest confidants. Georgia Tech had always been a great experience for me, but the CRP has made it even better."




Dr. Erin English